Geehi 2013 (2)
Hiking around the Kosciuszko National Park area

After completing high school at a small town in country NSW, I made my way to the big city of Melbourne. I finished a Bachelor of Science with a Major in Chemistry and completed my Masters in Media and Communications. I thrived in Melbourne with the many opportunities both the city and the university had to offer. Being an active person, I involved myself in a number of sports including basketball, Aussie Rules, squash, touch football, soccer, tennis and even quidditch (yes it’s a thing – look it up). I love the outdoors and any activities it can throw at me. I’ve tried bungee jumping, sky diving, archery, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, kayaking and bike riding. Some of our big hiking trips have included The Great Ocean Walk (Victoria), Cradle Mountain (Tasmania) and Milford Track (New Zealand). My next couple of big goals are the Camino de Santiago (Spain) and to give kite boarding a crack.

Volunteering for Wargaming at PAX Australia 2014
Volunteering for Wargaming at PAX Australia 2014

I’m a passionate, all-round person that can work independently or as part of a team. Many leadership skills have been built up over numerous jobs, sports, youth groups, volunteering and university clubs. I have no trouble taking orders or leading a team. My time management skills are excellent and I frequently use Outlook to colour code and plan my weeks. Computer skills come naturally to me and I have extensive experience in most Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Project and Visio. It doesn’t stop there though, I enjoy my design work and can easily navigate Adobe’s Suite including Photoshop, Indesign and Premier. I have also worked in Avid Media Composer, can work my away around website construction and can easily use MYOB.

Breaking the Guinness Book of Records!!!
Breaking the Guinness Book of Records!!!

When I have some free time, I enjoy reading, completing jigsaw puzzles, playing board games, heading out for a hit of tennis, going for a bike ride, swimming in the lake or river, catching up with friends and family, seeing the latest movies and playing the coolest video games. I also like to dress up and have made some pretty sweet costumes for events; we even hit the Guinness Book of Records for one function!!!

In 2015, I began working with the Carlton Connect Initiative. Through my work as the events coordinator, I was thrown into the startup, entrepreneurial, science, and tech (and even business) scene of Melbourne. I started to run a number of hackathons, mostly in Melbourne, and quickly became known as the Hackathon Queen. Meeting a bunch of awesome people at these competitions, I found myself running a startup in the tech space. Whilst I love the founder life, I believe my skills and passions lie within the community, driving this amazingly fast moving entrepreneurial culture of Melbourne.

Oh and did I mention worked with a skateboard company? Neat right! BajaBoard the Melbourne-based creator of the most extreme, off-road, all-terrain, electric powered skateboard on the market. If you’re keen to give it a try, you should definitely drop me a line as I’m still seen riding their boards around!

Showing off BajaBoard for the Australian F1 Grand Prix

Currently, I’m working as the Developer Community Manager for GitHub and running hackathons. You’ll find me MC’ing, running hackathons, speaking, and mentoring all around Melbourne – and some even interstate and overseas! And just because all that’s not enough, I’m involved in esports (check out my Twitch profile) and I started an electric scooter company as well! Raine Scooters is the amazing sleek and stylish electric scooter. It’s fast, pretty, and super safe. Check out the website for all the happenings.

Travel small
The sleek and stylish electric scooter built just for you

But if you really want to know when I’m up to day-to-day, follow me on my social media channels just to your right. There’s always something really fun to see!